October 24, 2018

10 Facebook Post Ideas For Home Builders & Developers


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There are two reasons why you may have chosen to read up on

home builder Facebook post ideas:


1. Your Facebook posts are getting stale and followers are engaging less and less.

2. You were under the impression that your Facebook page wasn’t that big of sales driver, so you weren’t too worried about buyer engagement in the past. Now you’re realizing Facebook is a powerful tool for connecting with buyers and don’t quite know where to start.

Using Facebook to reach buyers on a more intimate level is easier than it sounds as long as you treat your page as an extension of your people and not just an extension of your company’s products. If you follow these 10 Facebook post ideas for home builders and developers, you’ll be creating pro‑Facebook content in no time that buyers actually care about and want to see more of.


home builder Facebook post ideas tip 1:

Share homebuyer tips

The first step in creating any Facebook post is making sure you have your buyer in mind at all times. That includes posts sharing homebuyer tips. For instance, if your audience is predominantly first‑time homebuyers, sharing Homebuyer 101 and financing tips is a good idea. If your audience is most likely a 2nd or 3rd‑time buyer, throwing in tips on staging and selling there current homes would be useful. But sharing homebuyer 101 tips to seasoned buyers and selling tips to buyers who are currently renting will result in either low engagement or the wrong audience.

Have a blog on your website that shares buyer tips? Even better! Sharing your blog posts on your Facebook page is a great way to send buyers back to your website.

Home Builder Facebook Post Ideas - Share Tips


home builder Facebook post ideas tip 2:

Facebook isn’t a Listing Site

As a home builder or developer, you may be tempted to post your available homes and floor plans over and over and over again. But resist the urge. Facebook is not a listing site. A homebuyer does not go to Facebook and set filters to search for homes in the Austin area with 3‑4 bedrooms and 2‑4 baths for under $500,000. They visit your Facebook page to learn more about who you are as a builder, the amenities and lifestyle you’ll provide, the culture, the buyer experience, etc.

This doesn’t mean don’t share beautiful photos of your homes and community. But keep in mind you’re creating a page story around lifestyle and people who have emotional responses. So be sure to get more creative than “Move‑In Ready home selling at $355,000. Stop by today.”

Home Builder Facebook Post Ideas - Not a Listing Site


home builder Facebook post ideas tip 3:

Integrate yourself into the community

Aside from sharing homebuyer tips, it’s also a great idea to share events near the community, exciting news and developments, and close by shops and restaurants that tie back into the lifestyle of the community.

Home Builder Facebook Post Ideas - Integrate into the community

Home Builder Facebook Post Ideas - share community updates


home builder Facebook post ideas tip 4:

Tag Your Builders/Tag Your Communities

Tagging other pages is a great way to get more exposure and even better when they’re relevant and tie back into your company. For instance, if you’re a developer with 4 builders currently building new homes in your community, you can absolutely tag them and share their new home posts, tips, promotions, and events. Same goes if you’re a builder – tag the communities you build in, share events held at the amenity center, share development updates such as new parks, trails, etc.

Home Builder Facebook Post Ideas - tag your builders Home Builder Facebook Post Ideas - tag your communities


home builder Facebook post ideas tip 5:

Take advantage of holidays

Holiday posts are some of the easiest posts you can create. Whether you have a promotion going on during the season or you’re just saying Trick or Treat!


Home Builder Facebook Post Ideas - holidays

home builder Facebook post ideas tip 6:

Don’t be too serious

We said earlier to think of Facebook as an extension of your people and not just another way to advertise the homes you sell. Show your personality and your amazing team. Think of your best Sales reps. Are they good at what they do because they can list every detail of your floor plans and features inside and out? Or is it because they know their buyers by name, know they have 2 kids who love Star Wars,  and know the corner lot with a bigger yard is way more suitable for their dog Duke who has a LOT of energy.

Home Builder Facebook Post Ideas - don't be too serious


home builder Facebook post ideas tip 7:

Share Your New Homeowners

Before making large purchases, buyers often look at reviews. This also goes for when they’re buying something as important as a home. But homebuyer reviews aren’t typically as plentiful as they are for restaurants or electronics. However, a great way to share “reviews” is sharing your new homeowners. It helps when buyers see real people buying your homes, and when new homeowners look excited to have purchased their new home, you can count that as a glowing review.

Home Builder Facebook Post Ideas - new homeowners Home Builder Facebook Post Ideas - share new homeowners


home builder Facebook post ideas tip 8:

A video is worth a 1,000 engagements…

People love videos. There’s just no contesting it! If you have videos you’re using in other promotions and Facebook ads, post them on your page as well.

Home Builder Facebook Post Ideas - a video is worth a 1000 engagements

If you don’t currently have the budget for videos or virtual tours of your homes, there are some low‑cost options you could use for Facebook video posts as well.

  1. Facebook can turn multiple images into slideshow videos for you.
  2. Many laptops come with simple video programs like iMovie if you want to add some transitions or typography to your photo slideshows.
  3. Have a salesperson do a quick walkthrough of an inventory home or your model from their smartphone. Cameras in smartphones have come a long way in the past couple of years and have a much clearer resolution than they use to if you’re worried about quality.

Home Builder Facebook Post Ideas - video slideshows


home builder Facebook post ideas tip 9:

Listen to your buyers

Paying attention to questions and comments on your posts can also give you a few ideas for future posts. Such as people asking specific questions about amenities, dog‑friendly areas, HOA meetings, and the like. You could even drill down to a specific question and mention the prospective buyer. For instance, you could start the post with, “Mandy asked a great question about our Vista floor plan…”

Home Builder Facebook Post Ideas - listen to your buyers

home builder Facebook post ideas tip 10:

Boost! but wisely

You’ll want to try out a few different types of posts before you start putting money behind it. See what your buyer is reacting to most. Your homes, community amenities, your blog? Did people love your Wednesday post? Boost it to over the weekend to get more love.

Home Builder Facebook Post Ideas - boost wisely


home builder Facebook post ideas Bonis Tip:

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