Leverage the Power of Smart AI

Optimize Your Sales and Marketing Automation

AI has taken center stage, empowering sales and marketing organizations to become more agile, innovative, and data-centric. At SmartTouch®, our new home sales and AI marketing for real estate experts have taken a strategic five-point approach to integrating an AI Framework into our marketing programs, leveraging the technology to create greater efficiencies and effectiveness while ensuring responsible and ethical practices. With over two decades of specialized experience in new home sales and marketing, SmartTouch® empowers you with cutting-edge tools and insights, streamlining your workflow and giving you the competitive edge in nurturing and converting leads—freeing you to focus on what’s most important – closing more new home sales.

Discover the power of
well-constructed AI prompts.


SmartTouch® has developed Smart AI Assist, tailored AI assistants that capture and archive your brand’s unique voice and image, ensuring all content aligns with your brand standards while continuously learning from your most successful marketing initiatives. Optimize your creative budget using our innovative Smart AI Assist for automation for social of your frequently created marketing pieces, including social posts, blogs, press releases, and advertorials. Elevate your social media and video content, extend the lifespan of your assets, transform your marketing strategy, and enhance audience engagement with powerful AI tools.

Stay On Brand Voice
Enhance Social Content
Improve Asset Lifespan


Through our ‘All Lines In’ approach and integrating our AI marketing for real estate digital programs with our SmartTouch® NexGen Marketing Automation Platform, new home sales and marketing clients can leverage AI to craft superior content and more captivating emails that maintain brand consistency across all communications. This synergy between technology and creativity ensures your brand voice is always on point
and compelling.

DIGITAL advertising

Our Smart Experts are at the forefront of the dynamic AI landscape, constantly adapting and leveraging AI-driven CRM and marketing technologies to amplify the effectiveness of your marketing programs. AI is seamlessly integrated into the digital advertising platforms we utilize, including Meta for targeted social media campaigns, Google for search and display advertising, and Meteora for precision geofencing, ensuring that your marketing efforts are not just current but future-ready and impactful.


SmartTouch® AI enables powerful semantic mapping and content gap analysis, giving your teams a strategic advantage in your marketing communications and ensuring your content drives higher conversions. With our AI-driven CRM’s advanced pattern recognition and predictive analysis, our Smart Experts not only pinpoint what resonates with your audience but also forecasts future trends, empowering you to stay ahead with content that truly connects and converts more buyers into new home sales.

Powerful Semantic Mapping
Identify Content Gaps
Understand Pattern Recognition
Develop Predictive Analysis


Unlock a new level of insight into your home buyers’ paths to purchase with SmartTouch® NexGen’s AI-enhanced Buyer Journey Analysis and enable a deeper understanding and engagement with buyers throughout the new home buying cycle. Coupled with our proprietary NexGen Lead Scoring system, your sales teams can now prioritize and tailor their approaches to prospects, ensuring focused attention on those most ready to engage, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in your sales strategy.

Lead Tracking
Lead Scoring

Discover the power of
well-constructed AI prompts.


Leverage the efficiency and innovation of SmartTouch® AI powered code creation and debugging capabilities to transform your website’s performance and user experience. Our advanced AI chats and tools, including cutting-edge chatbots and integrations, are designed to enhance the buyer’s journey, ensuring your website not only meets but exceeds modern standards while maintaining your brand’s integrity.

Simplify Code Creation
Improve Code Detection
& Debugging
Enhanced Chat &
Web Tools

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