May 4, 2017

“The Who, How & Why of the New Construction Buyer” Presented By Zillow Group

Who is the new construction home buyer and how/why are they searching? What are their emotional and rational needs? 

If you missed our live webinar event featuring Mary Kaye O’Brien, Zillow Director of Consumer Insights, on “The Who, How & Why of the New Construction Buyer,” watch it here!

Did You Know?

  • Home buyers shop online A LOT before contacting a builder. (On multiple devices.)
  • The home buyer wants choices. (This is where your online presence comes into play.)
  • Zillow is the top website home buyers use when searching for a new home.
  • Home buyers desire energy efficient savings, a builder with a good reputation, custom options, and… watch the recording to find out what else home buyers desire most when researching new construction homes!
  • 26% of new construction buyers are millennials. 


Who buys new construction


First‑Time Buyers

“Are leapfrogging the typical [resale] starter home.”

Repeat Buyers

“Are trying to correct the wrongs of their first home.”


Mary Kaye has over 25 years of experience helping companies create holistic views of their customers and leveraging these insights to help drive decision‑making and innovation across all aspects of the business. During this webinar presentation, she refutes quite a few myths marketers and builders alike currently believe about the new construction buyer discovered in the latest Zillow Group Housing Trends Report.


  • A small percentage of buyers are looking for new construction.


  • 48% of home buyers consider new construction.
  • 56% of new construction buyers are first‑time home buyers.
  • The new construction buyer takes on average 4.3 months to find a home.

#1 reason to buy

Why Are People Buying New Construction?

8 Key Reasons

  • Affordability
  • Desirable Location
  • Newness
  • Watch the Video for the other 5!


If you’d like to inquire more about the top website home buyers use when searching for a new home, you can request more information from Zillow Group here.