June 17, 2020

SmartTouch® Week In Review | Facebook Challenges & Interactive Floor Plan Kiosks — Review

Facebook Required Maintenance?

Like many other agencies and social media marketers the Facebook “outage” or “required maintenance” was a little bit of a curveball for us on Wednesday.

facebook outage facebook under maintenance


Not very much information was initially released regarding why this happened only that the issue would be resolved quickly. Twitter was then the platform many (including ourselves) turned to for updates. #FacebookDown



facebook down



The best thing we could do was keep a cool head and wait. Even when we saw this inside of Ads Manager and crossed our fingers the content was just unavailable and not permanently gone. (It wasn’t!)



How did we keep a cool head? By not posting gifs… just kidding.

Everyone else was more productive with Facebook down, but Social Media Managers were like…


On a happier note… Interactive Floor Plan Kiosks for Model homes!

We also had the chance to meet up with one of our favorite clients who builds beautiful homes in Oxford, Mississippi and the Austin, Texas area.

At their model in Diamond Oaks, the Director of Business Development and Marketing for Blackburn Communities, Evie Taverez, showed us how Sales should really use their interactive floor plan kiosks.

It’s not just about having a kiosk in your model homes and sales offices, but the process your team implements to actually use the kiosks in order to communicate with buyers and get the point across versus leaving them to fend for themselves and try to navigate the kiosk on their own.



HBA Education Class April 9th

Interactive Floor Plan Kiosks are a great tool for new home builders and developers, but you have to get your whole team on board! Using the marketing tools at your disposal and getting Sales to properly use them can be tough. If you’re in the Austin area, we highly suggest you join the HBA Sales and Marketing class Integrating Sales & Marketing to Create a Conversion Driven Culture.

Bring the whole team if you must and get key insights into transforming your Sales organization into a lead conversion machine. Robert Cowes (President & CEO, SmartTouch® Interactive) and Shant Samtani (Sales Manager, Esperanza Homes) are joining forces to provide the tools and best practices needed to integrate Sales and Marketing and turn more leads into buyers.


HBA Education Class