May 5, 2021

SmartTouch® Interactive Visits Pomona

This week Robert Cowes, Michelle Kana, Maddie Suhling, Karina Saucedo, and Eric Sims of SmartTouch® Interactive visited the beautiful Pomona community in Manvel, Texas. The team visited to tour Pomona, review Q1 marketing results, and explore both the Manvel and Pearland communities to connect with the local culture. The team had a blast, gathered some great insights from the Pomona team, and is looking forward to crushing this new quarter!

SmartTouch Interactive at Pomona in Manvel, TX


Pomona by Hillwood Communities


Pomona Community in Manvel Texas


Pomona Construction in Manvel Texas


Pomona Community site plan


SmartTouch Interactive at Pomona


Pomona Fitness Center