June 15, 2021

SmartTouch® Interactive Launches New Strategic Digital Marketing Subscription Bundles

Austin, TX – June 15, 2021 – SmartTouch® Interactive, an award‑winning interactive real estate marketing agencyreal estate marketing automation, and lead nurturing CRM solution company announced today announced the launch of its new digital marketing subscription bundles, strategically packaged comprehensive digital marketing services for Email Marketing, SEO, SEM, Social Paid and Organic Social. Each digital bundle will also include access to the award‑winning SmartTouch® NexGen CRM, the only industry‑specific platform that uniquely supports sales and marketing for home builders and real estate developers’ new home sales.


“We are excited to bring our proven strategic ad agency marketing expertise to scale for our home builder and developer clients,” commented Robert Cowes, President & CEO, SmartTouch® Interactive. “When it comes to innovating our marketing approach, we continue to look for ways to work smarter, not harder, that enable us to provide a superior level of service. With our new digital marketing bundles, we add another tier of service and further amplify SmartTouch® as a strategic agency that maximizes both value and marketing ROI for our clients.”


Connecting with today’s home buyers necessitates having an effective digital marketing strategy that leverages the essential marketing solutions. SmartTouch® has spent decades providing targeted digital marketing services that incorporate continued learning and best practices that ensure exposure, connection, and high‑performance lead generation. The SmartTouch® Digital Marketing solutions are designed to help home builders, and developers build a foundation for sales growth, automation, and scalability while also improving sales and marketing decision‑making with insightful data and monthly reporting. 


“With comprehensive solutions for automation across the marketing and sales flow, we’ll help builders and developers build a foundation for both scalability and improving buyer connections by helping better engage home buyers with the right touchpoints throughout the home buying journey,” added Cowes.


To learn more about SmartTouch Digital Marketing Services Bundles and pricing, click here.


About SmartTouch® Interactive

SmartTouch® Interactive is the only marketing agency focused on real estate to offer: proven marketing and lead generation programs; a superior lead nurturing CRM and Marketing Automation platform, SmartTouch® NexGen; and a cutting‑edge homebuyer geofencing solution, SmartTouch® Geo, all driven by an award‑winning team of innovative marketing professionals. Our innovation in lead generation and digital marketing programs and proven accountable ROI methodology have helped hundreds of real estate developers and home builders generate more than 1 million leads and $2 billion in new home sales.