January 31, 2017

SmartTouch® Interactive Updates Their NexGen CRM Lead Adaptors

SmartTouch® Interactive Aggregates Clients’ Leads By Integrating Their NexGen CRM With Multiple Lead Adaptors


Austin, TX –  February 1, 2017 – SmartTouch® Interactive, an interactive real estate marketing agencyreal estate marketing automation and home builder lead nurturing CRM solution company, has been developing a new version of their Customer Relationship Management system called NexGen over the past year. A top benefit for users of this system are the multiple lead adaptors that have the ability to aggregate leads into one place and automatically start the nurturing process. These adaptors include WordPress, Facebook, and 3rd‑party listing sites.

NexGen’s newest addition is the Facebook Lead Adaptor. Facebook’s Lead Gen Ads are the hottest new advertising product in the market; offering a way for leads to enter their information in just two clicks. With the Facebook Lead Adaptor, NexGen users no longer have to wait for leads to get exported/imported into the CRM. Leads are pushed through as soon as they submit their information on Facebook.

Lead adaptors for 3rd‑party sites in NexGen include BDX, New Home Guide, Hot on Homes, PROPLeads, Zillow, New Home Feed, Private Communities, IDX Broker, Condo.com, Buzz Buzz Homes, and Homes.com. The NexGen CRM also has an open API, whereby SmartTouch Interactive is able to create custom integrations with listing sights they don’t currently have lead adaptors for in order to better suit a particular client’s needs.

“To be a proficient CRM system, the platform has to have the ability to aggregate all of a client’s leads into one place. With the development of NexGen, we’ve taken particular care in designing a system where builders and developers can pull and reach out to their prospects from a single, unified system,” said Robert Cowes, President and Co‑founder of SmartTouch® Interactive.


About SmartTouch® Interactive

SmartTouch® Interactive is an interactive marketing agency that provides proven lead generation programs and lead management system, SmartTouch® Platform, the lead nurturing CRM. The SmartTouch® team’s expertise in lead generation and online marketing helps firms that require a multi‑touch sales cycle create demand for products and services and grow their business with customized, interactive lead generation programs and lead cultivation. Backed by 30 years of experience in developing lead generation programs for hundreds of clients, SmartTouch® Interactive sets a new standard with lead generation programs and a single solution that integrates CRM, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing and Inventory Management in one platform, SmartTouch®. https://smarttouchinteractive.com



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