September 23, 2020

SmartTouch® Interactive Sponsors TecHome Builder Online Summit 2020

SmartTouch® Interactive announced today they are sponsoring the upcoming TecHome Builder Online Summit taking place September 29‑30, 2020. By sponsoring the event, SmartTouch® Interactive will have two dedicated presentations and a virtual booth spotlighting the home builder and real estate developer industry’s first CRM with a mobile application, SmartTouch® NexGen plus SmartTouch® GEO, a breakthrough geofencing solution that combines location‑based targeting, tracking, and advertising in one.

TecHome Builder’s unique online event is designed to encourage builders and multifamily companies update their home tech merchandise assortments, standard offers, option and upgrade packaging and go‑to‑market strategies.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to sponsor this year’s TecHome Builder Online Summit,” commented Robert Cowes, President & CEO, SmartTouch® Interactive. “While 2020 brought new challenges, it has also been the catalyst for driving builders and developers to leverage technology in new ways to better address the home buyer journey and deliver a digital experience that meets buyers’ expectations. We look forward to sharing how SmartTouch® NexGen CRM, Marketing Automation, and our digital marketing services have helped our clients pivot their marketing strategies and sell more homes this year.”

Additionally, content will include insights and advice for builders to update their digital sales and marketing assets, strategies, and tactics. Sessions will be complemented with relevant TecHome Builder guides and research and other recommended reading and viewing. Attendees of the SmartTouch® sessions will learn what capabilities they can leverage from the SmartTouch® NexGen platform and why it’s more efficient and effective to work with a digital marketing company that focuses on home builders and developers.

Here’s when you can view the SmartTouch sessions:

  • Boardroom Presentation – CRM, Marketing Automation & GEO Fencing Marketing Made Easy for Builders & Developers: 2:30 PM – 3:00 PM CDTon Tuesday, September 29
  • Flyover Presentation – Digital Marketing Made Easy: 2:30 PM – 2:45 PM CDT on Tuesday, September 29

The Online Summit will “break through the screen” with visually rich storytelling and purposeful content that will help attendees’ vision, analyze, plan and take action on tech in a moment when it’s pivotal

For information on attending the TecHome Builder Online Summit, click here.