December 15, 2022

SmartTouch® Interactive Releases New Utour® SmartConnect Integration with NexGen CRM to Nurture Self-Guided Tour Leads

SmartTouch® Interactive, an award‑winning interactive real estate marketing agency, new home sales CRM, and marketing automation solution provider, is excited to announce the release of the new Utour® SmartConnect integration with SmartTouch® NexGen that empowers home builders and real estate developers sales teams to easily manage their Utour® leads in one place while taking full advantage of NexGen’s proven lead nurturing workflows.

Modern home buyers expect more, particularly when it comes to convenient and contactless experiences. Utour® enables that convenience and simplifies the home shopper’s new home tour process by allowing for self‑guided tours before and after operating hours, extending opportunities to show the home during home tour hours and for those who prefer to be alone during the showing.

The integration of SmartTouch® NexGen real estate CRM with Utour® SmartConnect on‑demand self‑guided home tours opens the door to further leverage workflows and the expertise of the SmartTouch® implementation team or for home builder do it yourself NexGen CRM‑users to further automate the nurturing of a quality lead.

“In the desire to offer self‑guided tours for our buyers to extend model home and move in ready homes viewing times, it was critical to partner with Utour® as they are already integrated with our SmartTouch® NexGen CRM which makes it easy to manage and track these leads through the entire sales funnel,” commented Chris Wales, President, Blackburn Homes.

Utour® SmartConnect is an innovative new technology that empowers home shoppers to schedule self‑guided tours when it fits their schedule, taking the pressure off sales and providing the relaxed experience today’s home shopper expects.

Integrating this new technology with the SmartTouch® real estate CRM services automatically updates self‑guided home tour information in the NexGen CRM community traffic report and creates leads and updates existing leads. NexGen automatically tracks and scores these leads, enrolls home shoppers into pre‑defined workflows that notify sales, increases lead score, automates emails and texts to realtors and buyers for post‑sales survey input, enables reengagement for abandonment of tour, ongoing sales engagement, delivers new home information, and more throughout the home shopping experience.

“The availability of the integration with Utour® SmartConnect and SmartTouch® NexGen CRM allows us to leverage our workflow expertise to enable more value in communications from builders to the buyers and realtors that utilize Utour®,” added Robert Cowes, President and CEO of SmartTouch® Interactive. “We continue to focus on optimizing interoperability with SmartTouch® and connecting all the critical data points and engagement methods to deliver the most impact and value for sales and marketing teams.”

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About SmartTouch® Interactive
Founded in 2010, SmartTouch® Interactive is an award‑winning interactive digital advertising agency and only full‑service agency serving developers and home builders with a campaign and lead management platform, branding, messaging, sales and marketing communications. Combining our award‑winning CRM, SmartTouch® NexGen, supported by marketing automation and implementation experts, we help you streamline the sales pipeline and dig through backlog, while executing data‑driven creative strategies that drive lead gen and lead nurture that convert more home buyers into sales.