June 26, 2018

SmartTouch® Interactive Officially Introduces Homebuyer Geofencing Solution at PCBC:  SmartTouch® Geo

SmartTouch® Geo uses the technology homebuyers take with them everywhere to target in‑market buyers and drive more onsite tours.

Austin, TX – June 26, 2018 – SmartTouch® Interactive, an interactive real estate marketing agency,real estate marketing automation,and lead lead nurturing CRM solution company,today announced the official rollout of a tried, tested, and true homebuyer geofencing solution, SmartTouch® Geo, at the Pacific Coast Builder Conference (PCBC) in San Francisco, June 27‑28.

The Austin‑based real estate digital marketing agency has been offering this solution to clients since last July with costs per unit of model home traffic as low as $20 on their most successful campaigns, and a standard cost per unit of traffic at $40‑$60, which means home builders and developers using this homebuyer geofencing solution average a $50 cost per tour, an all‑time low in the real estate industry.

Held annually, PCBC is the largest homebuilding tradeshow representing the West Coast. This year SmartTouch® plans to put their product in front of 10,000+ conference attendees at the Moscone Center, South Hall, Booth 2269. The agency also offers custom marketing programs that generate more quality leads, all with a focus on accountable ROI, and a lead‑nurturing CRM/Marketing Automation platform, SmartTouch® NexGen. Event Map

“In the past 18 years as a builder and developer marketing vendor, this is the first tactical marketing solution that modifies the buyer’s behavior by steering people from set target zones, typically other builder’s model homes or sales offices, to take immediate action and tour a client’s set conversion zone, their own model or sales office, typically in the vicinity of the competitor’s model rather than the same community,” said Robert Cowes, Co‑founder and President of SmartTouch Interactive. “The buyer’s action is altered by ads that immediately start displaying on every app or browser on their smartphone, thus triggering the buyer to tour a client’s model home while they’re out home shopping.”

While you’re at this year’s Pacific Coast Builder Conference, walking the aisles for new products and features, stop by booth #2269 for the official introduction of this breakthrough geofencing solution that will be a game changer for the way real estate marketers target buyers.Exhibitor Details


About SmartTouch® Geo

SmartTouch® Geo allows home builders and residential developers to target, advertise to, and track home shoppers in real‑time using the device they take with them everywhere – their smartphone. The platform leverages cutting‑edge geofencing technology to specify target zones (such as competitor model homes, apartment complexes, and sales offices), push ads straight to a captured shopper’s mobile device, and track the shopper back to a builder or developer’s own model. SmartTouch® Geo is location‑based marketing with a tangible ROI that puts data to model home traffic and captures more qualified, bottom‑of‑the‑funnel shoppers already in‑market and ready to tour. https://smarttouchinteractive.com/geofencing


About SmartTouch® Interactive

SmartTouch®Interactive is an interactive marketing agency that provides proven lead generation programs as well as a lead management and lead nurturing CRM, SmartTouch® NexGen. The SmartTouch®team’s expertise in lead generation and digital marketing helps home builders and residential developers that require a multi‑touch sales cycle to create demand for their product and grow their business with customized, interactive lead generation programs and lead cultivation. Backed by 30 years of experience in developing lead generation programs for hundreds of clients, SmartTouch®Interactive sets a new standard as a lead gen, single‑solution provider that integrates CRM, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, and Inventory Management all in one platform, SmartTouch® NexGen.https://smarttouchinteractive.com



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