November 21, 2019

SmartTouch® Interactive Launches Home Builder Industry First with a New Mobile App for the Award-Winning NexGen Platform

Austin, TX – November 21, 2019 – SmartTouch® Interactive, an award‑winning interactive real estate marketing agency, real estate marketing automation and lead nurturing CRM solution company today announced the release of its beta version of the new SmartTouch® NexGen Mobile App, a new mobile application that provides access to all of the essential tools from its award‑winning SmartTouch® NexGen CRM & Marketing Automation Platform. This is the first CRM designed specifically for home builders, condo and residential developers to enable a mobile application. The app is available for use on both Apple® iOS and Android™ devices and is in test now with SmartTouch® clients.

“Our sales team has successfully used SmartTouch® NexGen CRM to maximize every lead and sales opportunity for more than five years now,” commented Shant Samtani, Sales Manager, Esperanza Homes. “With the new SmartTouch® NexGen Mobile CRM App, we now have all key contact information and engagement tools available on the one device we always have with us, our smartphones. The App enables us to not only further our goal of 100% participation in using the SmartTouch® CRM platform, but also helps ensure our sales team never leaves a lead untouched. Our entire sales team is delighted to now have such easy access to our most critical CRM features.”

According to SmartTouch® primary research, among organizations that have adopted a CRM platform, only 20% ‑25% of sales staff actively participate in using their organization’s CRM for its principal use. The remaining population of staff falls into one of two categories, the 50% that use the bare minimum and the 25% that are absentee, typically due to lack of training, organizational accountability or accessibility. The availability of the new SmartTouch® Mobile App for home builders and real estate developers will have a significant impact on helping sales organizations achieve optimal CRM usage. The App allows sales professionals to create a contact engagement and lead follow up process that guarantees a higher conversion rate and better customer experience with targeted buyer communications.

“The new SmartTouch® NexGen Mobile App was intentionally designed with the sales professional in mind. We’ve distilled the features enabled by the full SmartTouch® NexGen CRM platform to the primary use cases that support sales engagement with home buyers and agents,” commented Robert Cowes, President & CEO of SmartTouch® Interactive. “SmartTouch® NexGen now enables sales teams with even greater resources to employ best practices in contact engagement and lead management that drives more new home sales.”

The SmartTouch® NexGen Mobile App includes access to the most critical features of the award‑winning SmartTouch® NexGen CRM, enabling home builder, condo and residential developer sales teams with on the go contact engagement tools, including:
• Add or change contacts and contact details
• Track hotlist follow‑up actions and set appointments
• Send emails, texts, and calls on the fly
• Explore buyer/agent social sites presence
• Log lead details and notes
• View key profile preferences
• Update lifecycle stage and review summary of lead management activity

To preview the SmartTouch® CRM App visit the App Store or Google Play. Contact us today at to learn how you can gain access to the home builder and real estate developer industry’s only CRM platform to offer a mobile application.

About SmartTouch® Interactive
SmartTouch® Interactive is the only marketing agency focused on real estate to offer: proven marketing and lead generation programs; a superior lead nurturing CRM and Marketing Automation platform, SmartTouch® NexGen; and a cutting‑edge homebuyer geofencing solution, SmartTouch® Geo, all driven by an award‑winning team of innovative marketing professionals.


Press Contact:
Leisha Richardson