November 12, 2020

SmartTouch® Interactive Delivers Home Buyer Data Enrichment with FullContact and Powerful Interoperability with New Zapier Integrations

Home Builder and Real Estate Developer Sales and Marketing Teams Gain Access to a Wealth of Home Buyer Contact Data and the Ability to Integrate with 2,000+ Web Applications Directly within SmartTouch® NexGen CRM

Austin, TX –  November 12, 2020 – SmartTouch® Interactive, an award‑winning interactive real estate marketing agencyreal estate marketing automation and lead nurturing CRM solution company announced today the launch of two highly anticipated integrations with FullContact, the industry leader in consumer Identity Resolution as a service, and Zapier, a leader in workflow automation with 2,000+ app integrations. Both solutions now integrate directly with the SmartTouch® NexGen CRM and Marketing automation platform to provide home builders and real estate developer sales and marketing teams with even more robust data and integrated sales and marketing tools.

“This is the decade of interoperability and firms that can connect the critical data points home builders and real estate developers need, will deliver the most impact and value,” commented Robert Cowes, President & CEO, SmartTouch® Interactive. “It has been our mission from the beginning to provide the most feature‑rich and comprehensive CRM and marketing automation platform available to the home builder and real estate developer market. With FullContact and Zapier now integrated with the SmartTouch® NexGen platform, our sales and marketing users have access to the most impactful workflows and limitless actionable data insights available in the industry.”

The FullContact integration with SmartTouch® NexGen CRM enables homebuilders and real estate developers to deliver a warmer, more personalized experience with key personal data insights, including location demographics, lifestyle, education, career status, and purchases, that help them to engage prospects in a more meaningful way. And with a 360‑degree view of their contacts, sales and marketing teams can analyze the data to better understand their home buyer profiles to ensure highly targeted sales and marketing communications that drive higher conversions.

“SmartTouch has led the way in home builder and real estate developer CRM solutions for years. With the FullContact integration, our sales and marketing teams have powerful prospect data insights delivered in real‑time with lead notifications, and accessible with the click of a button in the buyer record,” commented Joy McVean, Director of Sales and Marketing, Novak Brothers. “As an early adopter, we already see the benefits, empowering our sales team to have more personalized conversations and giving our marketing team the actionable insights they need to speed up our conversions from shoppers to buyers.”

The Zapier integration with the SmartTouch® NexGen platform creates greater interoperability and fast‑tracks connections to new apps and data points that can be activated within days, not months. Through workflows called Zaps, Zapier offers out of the box connections with 2,000+ web applications and the ability to create new connections that automate moving information from one application to another to eliminate manual or duplicative data entry. Home builders and real estate developers will now be able to accelerate integrations with other apps and software platforms, as evidenced by the recent development of the PropTech Runway and Alosant integrations developed for Pomona by Hillwood community.  Zapier also allows SmartTouch NexGen to connect to lead generation platforms at an account level within minutes, such as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Google Ads, and Pure Chat.

Both solutions are now immediately available to all current SmartTouch® NexGen clients. To learn more or see a demonstration of these new integrations visit the NexGen page.

About SmartTouch® Interactive

SmartTouch® Interactive is the only marketing agency focused on real estate to offer: proven marketing and lead generation programs; a superior lead nurturing CRM and Marketing Automation platform, SmartTouch® NexGen; and a cutting‑edge homebuyer geofencing solution, SmartTouch® Geo, all driven by an award‑winning team of innovative marketing professionals. Our innovation in lead generation and digital marketing programs and proven accountable ROI methodology has helped hundreds of real estate developers and home builders generate more than 1 million leads and $2 billion in new home sales.