October 31, 2017

Lunch with SmartTouch® Interactive & NewHomesDirectory.com!

Maximize Your Online Presence & Capture New Home Seekers 


Last Wednesday and Thursday, Robert Cowes and Sarah Cook presented what makes NewHomesDirectory.com different from other online directories and how combining it with SmartTouch®’s strategic landing pages that capture leads and the CRM SmartTouch® Nexgen that nurtures them to sale is a winning combination!

Sarah Cook started off with who NewHomesDirectory.com is and their benefits over other listing services, and shared with our clients the value and quality of traffic NewHomesDirectoy.com brings to over 300 markets in the U.S. and Canada!

Robert then followed up with a client case study who utilizes both NewHomesDirectory.com and SmartTouch®’s marketing services and Marketing Automation/CRM Platform NexGen to generate and nurture leads!

We had an excellent audience each day from Austin and San Antonio such as the Builders and Developers Saratoga Homes, Gardens at Verde Vista, Buffington Homes, Giddens Homes, The Lofts at St. Stephens, Monticello Homes, Rialto Homes, Bella Vista Homes, and Liberty Home Builders!


Gardens at Verde Vista, The Lofts at St Stephens, Saratoga Homes, Giddens Homes, Buffington Homes


Monticello Homes, Bella Vista Homes, Rialto Homes, Liberty Home Builders

(San Antonio)

What We Covered:

  • What is NewHomesDirectory.com and what benefits do they offer over other listing services
  • How does NewHomesDirectory.com integrate with SmartTouch® NexGen and automate follow up and alert Sales
  • How NewHomesDirectory.com helped a SmartTouch® client increase conversions (Case Study)


Below is a small recap of what the presentation covered. If you’d like to learn more, please contact Robert Cowes at rcowes@smarttouchinteractive.com or Sarah Cook at scook@newhomesdirectory.com.


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