July 10, 2017

Introducing 6 New Members to The SmartTouch® Team

As SmartTouch® Interactive’s clientele continues to expand across Canada, the U.S., Mexico, and Panama, we want to give a warm welcome to our newest members that bring their best qualities to our growing team.


Roll call! Join us in greeting:

Dhivya Jairam‑ Senior Account Manager

Dhivya with her loyal companion, Draco

I bring over 8 years of experience in account management, smiles, and general cheer to the team. I’m fluent in 4 languages, but don’t let that impress you just yet because I actually understand 7.  I am also SmartTouch’s resident Harry Potter expert. (I can prove it. My dog’s name is Draco.)


Felicity Nava (Center)‑ SEO Manager

Celebrating a win at the 2017 MAX Awards

I bring over 13 years of experience in Digital Marketing with a particular talent for SEO to the SmartTouch® mix. I know how to win the fight for keyword rankings and will ensure my competitors get knocked down and never get back up. Oh, yeah. I also love craft beer.

Brett Tarr‑ Senior Account Director

Is this Brett… Or his twin brother?

I bring 16 year’s experience in optimizing campaigns, web content, and the direction of product launches to the SmartTouch® team. Outside of work I enjoy working out, meditating, yoga, and volunteering. I grew up in the sunny state of California surfing with my twin brother and being exponentially better at it… not really. In the past, I volunteered as a puppy raiser and sat on the board of two nonprofit companies.


Rebecca Eddleman (Right)‑ Content Marketing Coordinator

In Temecula, California with her sister

I graduated from St. Edward’s University with a B.A. in English Literature and a specialization in Creative Writing. When asked what on earth I was going to do with an English degree, I would say, “Be happy.” I am now applying my minor in Writing & Rhetoric to content marketing. My favorite app is Merriam‑Webster, and I’ll talk Austen with you any day.

Sophia Amador‑ Executive Assistant to the President

Dreaming about her next motorcycle

I currently specialize in Intelligence Collection at the American Military University. I am trilingual and love to meet people from different cultures. There’s nothing better than having a cold craft beer, play pool, and riding my motorcycle every day after work. My ultimate two favorite things are fixing motorcycles and spending time with all my pets, one dog, two kittens, and three boas. (Yes, they all get along).

Haley Thompson‑ Account Coordinator

Just thought of another Family Guy reference

Since recently graduating from The University of Texas, I have now found new hobbies other than studying until 3 a.m., such as managing the creation of client Facebook and email campaigns. When I am not juggling the day to day responsibilities managing in the work world, I enjoy singing, playing guitar, and finding new Austin restaurants to try out. I can also find a Family Guy reference for every real life situation, which is a real skill.


“I’m delighted to welcome six new members to the SmartTouch® team. Their drive and candor is top‑notch and pairs right alongside the group of talented people at SmartTouch® before them.”

‑Robert Cowes, President, and Co‑founder of SmartTouch® Interactive.