June 28, 2017

Give Your Emails The Best Chance Of Delivery With Smart+ Campaign Tools – Extended Promotion


We’ve added new enhancements to our lead nurturing CRM/Marketing Automation platform, NexGen, that combines the power of Litmus Email Previews with Mail‑tester spam testing.

Our Smart+ Campaign Tools will improve the overall quality and delivery of our users’ email campaigns by allowing them to preview their content in multiple email clients and spam test their emails before pressing send.

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Add To Contract By July 31, 2017, For Special Pricing of $50 Per Month

Regular Pricing Effective Aug. 1, 2017, at $125 Per Month


  • Smart Previews, powered by Litmus, allows users to catch and fix rendering quirks before hitting send by providing previews of your email in over 50 email clients and devices within minutes.
  • Smart Spam Testing, powered by mail‑tester, tests your email content and subject lines before you send and grades your email’s chance of becoming junk mail.

Now you can confidently send emails without having to worry about rendering issues and know your email has the best potential for reaching the beloved inbox. 


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About Litmus

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  • More than 250,000 email professionals trust Litmus to help them save time and send emails with confidence.
  • Litmus’ email previews instantly show you screenshots of your email in 50+ popular email clients and devices.
  • Email testing helps you catch rendering quirks and broken images before you hit send, making it the most crucial step in your email production process.

About mail‑tester

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  • Simple, effective, and quick spam testing
  • You can’t ensure that absolutely everyone gets your emails, but you can significantly improve your chances by testing your emails “spammyness” before you send.