November 19, 2018

Black Friday shopping? Shop geofencing tool for more tours.

SmartTouch Geo

As you’re out doing your Black Friday shopping, be thinking about how you can make a steal for tours in 2019 with a smart geofencing tool like SmartTouch® Geo. Such as converting a unit of traffic to your model home for as low as $20.

Our Guide to Homebuyer Geofencing

Have you heard the buzz around homebuyer geofencing? We wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t as it’s relatively new, but more and more builders are incorporating it into their marketing strategies.

SmartTouch® Geo is a breakthrough geofencing tool that allows you to send targeted ads to buyers already in‑market and persuade them to stop by your model home while they’re already out shopping.

Just set up a target zone around your competitors’ model, sales offices, or specific events and start sending ads to buyers’ smartphones immediately after they enter the designated target zone, so the next time they open an app, they see your ad.

The genius is, they’re already out touring, and thus more likely to stop by your model as well.


A homebuyer geofencing tool works like this:

Step 1:  A buyer walks into your competitor’s model home, has a look around, and then leaves. But from the moment they entered this model, the geofencing tool SmartTouch® Geo captured the buyer’s Device ID.


Step 2:  Geo immediately starts sending your ads to that buyer’s device. So imagine this, a buyer whose device has been capture gets in their car after touring a different model home, opens up one of their favorite and frequently used apps, and sees your ad directing them to your model.

Geofencing Tool Ad


Step 3:  After seeing your action‑oriented ad with an address that’s just down the street, the buyer then decides to make the quick drive over and tour your model as well while they’re already out.


Step 4:  They’ve now hit the “Conversion Zone” – your model – and it’s now up to your Sales Rep to bring the buyer on home.

Geofencing Tool Conversion Zone

Tracking Your ROI with SmartTouch® Geo

By using a geofencing tool like Geo, you’ll also have the capability to gauge the effectiveness of your campaign and track your ROI because the technology tracks how many captured devices make it to the Conversion Zone. Geo also features an intuitive control panel where you can monitor the number of devices tracked, your ads’ click‑through rates, and final number of tours – which we’ve seen for as low as $20 per unit of traffic.



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