July 25, 2023

Encore Presentation: And You Thought Email Was Dead

If you missed the chance to attend our live webinar at the end of June, don’t worry! We have the encore presentation of And You Thought Email Was Dead ready for you to watch on‑demand. Rest assured, email most certainly is NOT dead, and during this webinar you will discover how your sales and marketing email strategy can resurrect leads “Left for Dead”.

Our vey special guest Jeff shore provides his insights on the the most effective sales email strategies that trigger engaging response and the pitfalls that you need to avoid if you want your campaigns to be successful. 

Watch the Full Webinar Here!

Now more than ever, email continues to thrive as the #1 most effective communication channel to connect with buyers, and host Robert Cowes shares industry market and SmartTouch® email marketing performance trends and analysis.

Also we have our very own Michelle Kana, email campaign expert, who shares the most effective engagement hooks for opt‑in and existing audiences emails from a marketing perspective and proven tactics that get results.

If you’re in Nashville this week for the 17th Annual Jeff Shore Sales & Marketing Summit, come by our booth and learn more about how email can help you resurrect those leads you thought were DEAD.