February 24, 2017

Did You Hear About The Creative Elements That Generate More Leads?

Missed the Webinar?

Which Worked Best? Creative Elements that Generated More Leads

You’ll find the presentation slides here.


Dave Miles and Robert Cowes presented their NAHB’s International Builders’ Show encore presentation in our February digital marketing webinar on Feb. 23.

If you weren’t able to make the live event, don’t worry! We recorded it. 


Our two presenters of this must‑see webinar collaborated to produce extensive A/B testing results to find which creative elements that generate more leads.

A sneak peek at the presentation:

  • Understand the design elements and call to actions that drive engagement and lead capture on websites.
  • Identify the elements that impact how well an email campaign drives response from new home buyers.
  • Learn which landing pages convert online traffic to leads.
  • Determine which design elements impact the responsiveness of banner ads.


A Quick Tip from the Creative Expert:



Creative people often try to push the boundaries, but sometimes you have to remember that just because it looks beautiful or is eye‑catching, it may not be effective.

>>>You need a middle ground.


Landing Page:Microsite

Landing Page (left) at 233 leads vs Microsite (right) at 92 leads


A Quick Tip from the Lead Gen Expert:


The best content continuously changes. It’s a dynamic marketplace and the world around us continuously changes – whether its social economic conditions, an evolving target market, politics, or trends.

>>>Continuous A/B testing is essential.

Buffington PPC

Ad A (left) had a 4.23 CTR vs Ad B (right) had a 6.04 CTR.


Fun Fact about Forms:

Which side is the right side?

Forms placed on the top right generate more leads time and time again when tested. 

Stepping Stone LP


You’ll find the presentation slides here.

Our Expert Presenters

Dave Miles


President and Brand Strategist of Milesbrand, Dave Miles’ career spans more than three decades, during which he has served as president of three full‑service advertising agencies. David Miles has worked with many of the leading real estate brands in the world, including Disney, Hines, Orco (the largest developer in Europe), Orvis, Newland Communities, General Growth Partners, Pulte Homes, Centex Homes, Shea Homes, David Weekly Homes, John Wieland Homes, The Seaside Institute, and Urban Land Institute of Colorado. David is a recognized expert on branding and has spoken extensively on the subject throughout the United States. During his career, David has won numerous local, national and international creative awards, including 103 Gold Nationals from the National Association of Home Builders and more than 500 Silvers.


Robert Cowes

President and Co‑founder of SmartTouch® Interactive, Robert Cowes is an award‑winning software and interactive marketing company specializing in the unique needs of the real estate industry. In the past 6 years, the lead generation programs have generated over 500,000 leads and nurtured over 100,000 prospects that have led to over a billion dollars in sales. With deep expertise and a specialty in interactive marketing and results‑driven lead generation campaigns, especially for the real estate industry, Robert designs and manages interactive marketing programs for builders and developers that consistently get results, generate leads, and elicit sales.